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wip goliath rockgrinder conversion

  • heavy metal genestealer cult goliaths and rockgrinder

    Heavy metal. genestealer cult 11 goliaths and rockgrinder. by jeff febru. one of things i love about playing as a genestealer cult is the insurgent feel. you arent using too many military things, youre bodging together weapons and turning tools into instruments of destruction. well, there isnt any bodged together instrument of.

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  • any use of a goliath truckgoliath rockgrinder conversion

    Subject any use of a goliath truckgoliath rockgrinder conversion for imperial guard? rheumatoid. guard heavy weapon crewman edinburgh, scotland hey all, just been thinking about converting either a goliath truck or a goliath rockgrinder for imperial guard.

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  • broodcoven genestealer familiars x dwo

    Site title broodcoven genestealer familiars x2 dwo16 there currently are 88 guests and 2 members online.

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  • how i magnetised a goliath truckrockgrinder modelling

    How i magnetised a goliath truckrockgrinder posted in modelling tutorials hi folks. i recently bought this frankly rather excellent kit and decided to magnetise it so that i could use it as either variant. heres how i did it firstly, using the wheel connecters as a guide, mark both the upper and lower centre points on the chassis. the wheel connecters fit fairly snugly.

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  • warbringers deffskull mek boss buzzgobgrimgob

    Warbringers deffskull mek boss buzzgobgrimgob. on a recent twitter meetup at warhammer world, i treated myself to an ork model that ive always loved buzzgob. looking at the artwork i knew i needed him for my deffskull army so i brought him from forgeworld and looked forward to painting him. i then found out that he was not a deffskull!

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  • a bugs life tyranids painting challenge results

    Page 11 of 13 a bugs life tyranids painting challenge results amp rewards posted in tyranids please can someone let me know when this event will finish? i only have 8 genestealers left! septembers deadline is to upload a photo by today, while the event itself ends on 1st november, so octobers vows are the last ones to make!

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  • warhammer goliath truck and rockgrinder

    Warhammer 40,000 goliath truck and rockgrinder. a themed week on industrial vehicles without mentioning the most obvious one, the goliath truck and goliath rockgrinder, wouldnt be complete. so here it is. i have.

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  • converting a macrocarid adeptus mechanicus the

    Converting a macrocarid posted in adeptus mechanicus been thinking of how to do a conversion for a macrocarid for a while, especially with foc coming out next year. the fw model is amazing, but it doesnt really appeal to my tastes. the other part is i want to mount small bluetooth speaker on it so i may play binahric choruses and soothing hymns.

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  • vanguard of the ordained maw relearning gsc

    Vanguard of the ordained maw relearning gsc posted in genestealer cults about 3 years ago i left my gsc army as the hobby butterfly once again floated off, ive only recently come back to it. a chunk of it is already painted but my standards and skill have changed and ive also updated my scheme a bit too. ive put in a vow in the nid paint along.

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  • goliath rockgrinder goliath truck qui

    Goliath rockgrinder goliath truck. r f rence 5153. fait pour r sister aux contraintes et aux p rils des exploitations mini res, le goliath rockgrinder est un engin d vastateur quand on lemploie des fins violentes. fon ant vers les rangs mass s de lennemis, ses armes sur bras articul cherchant d truire les cibles prioritaires.

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  • chapter ultramarineskinda page space

    Page 9 of 10 chapter 888 ultramarineskinda posted in space marines blows dust off thread it looks like i didnt get around to posting images of the sternguard and captains. will do so soon. i have a few more minis to do for my mentors for aop2019 mentors vs khornate genestealer cult in marsesquire mines beneath a chapel. so ill be doing them for.

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