02.02.2003 mapivi Version 0.1.42 + add filename as picture comment (usefull to save the old name before renaming to EXIF-date) + some new sub for common used functionality (getRealFile, checkTempFile, checkLinks) + replaced setJPGComment with addComment + improved selection after deleting pictures (no jumping to the first picture) + code cleanup 29.01.2003 mapivi Version 0.1.41 + adjustments to run under Windows 28.01.2003 mapivi Version 0.1.40 + Max trash size - show a warning if trash is full + pixel per byte as a indicator of the compressing ratio + Picture buttons in the main window + user info while loadingthumbnails every 0.5 seconds + new sort criterias: Number of pixels and pixel per byte + the text dialog can be closed with Control-x + menu adjustments + remove unknown keys in the config file + better info when building web pages 23.01.2003 mapivi Version 0.1.39 + search in picture comments of all dirs visited + copy comments from one picture to another + more info (comments and thumbnail) when copying EXIF info + autozoom to fit big pictures into the window + use embedded EXIF thumbnails as mapivi thumbnails + more options for the generation of web albums + the web dialogs now open on the right place + more configuration options + new menu help-keys to show all key bindings + popup help for nearly all configs in the options dialog + more logical layout in the options dialog + code cleanup 19.12.2002 mapivi Version 0.1.38 + myEntryDialog can display a optional Picture (e.g. the picture to rename) + mapivi is now able to export a html web page of the selected pictures the web pages can contain the JPEG comments and the EXIF data most of the subs are taken from mapiwe (Martins pictures to Web) + option dialog has a new layout 09.12.2002 mapivi Version 0.1.37 + configurable file name format when renaming to EXIF date + display the number of selected pictures + mapivi is much faster now because we alter the thumbnail list direct and do not reread all infos + piclist is only used at startup, using infos from the thumbnail list instead + displaying the picture width and height in the thumbnail list + sort pictures by: EXIF-date, -aperture, -exposure time + code cleanup 04.12.2002 mapivi Version 0.1.36 + key binding r for renamePic + subs getSize and getFileSize + intelligent file name selection in myEntryDialog + sub applyFilter to do some image manipulation + rebuildThumbs, renamePic and deletePics are much faster, because update thumbs is not called anymore + renamePic checks for the right suffix + using Tk methodes FullScreen and packPropagate instead of geometry 31.10.2002 mapivi Version 0.1.34 + delete to trash + show/hide hidden directories c ignore empty files + check always before using a extern program + make backup c move thumbs only if move was successfull 30.10.2002 mapivi Version 0.1.33 c using DateTimeOriginal instead of DateTime because this seems to be more accurate + remove of EXIF thumbs possible + change the EXIF date/time stamp 30.10.2002 mapivi Version 0.1.32 + copyright notice at startup c rework in getEXIFThumb + sub showEXIFThumb + key t to show embedded thumbnail + sub copyEXIFData 30.10.2002 mapivi Version 0.1.31 + Menu Help->system info: show which external progs are available + Menu Options: adjustable font size c default number of background jobs limited to 1 + Menu Options: show thumbs / default thumbs + Menu Options: show/hide EXIF/Comment frame in picture view + sub checkGeometry: helps avoiding crahses when the screen size changes + sub checkAdjusterGeometry: helps avoiding crazy layouts + information about the number of thumbnails to generate + more key bindings (see menu, or try the keys C,E,I,S,Enter) + mapivi now installs itself, simply start it with > perl mapivi . it will set the first line, create the config dir and copy the the needed files c better handling of long time exposures > 1 sec c better display of Bias value + Menu: Edit->EXIF->remove EXIF date + Menu: Edit->EXIF->extract EXIF thumbnail + Menu: View->open picture in own new window c sub toggleHeaders adjusts the width of the columns: fast switching between display modes c rebuild thumbs works only on the selected pictures now + Menu Edit->change size/quality: alter the size and/or the quality (and file size) of a picture