Martin's File Manager

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Author: Martin Herrmann

File manager for UNIX with X11 written in Perl/Tk.

One window, four rows:
directorys, files, directorys, files

You can do most of the things you usually do with a file manager, like copy, move, rename, delete, but also view and edit a lot of file types.

Mafima navigation is a little bit like in a WWW browser, you can go down one directory with a down button, you have a hotlist (like Bookmarks or Favorits) and you have a history list of directorys - to jump back to any directory you have already visited with just one mouse click.

I wrote Mafima just for me, to see what's possible with Perl/Tk, but maybe someone else can use it too ...

Of course I give no warranty at all, so if you accidently delete all you files, corrupt your harddisk or burn down your computer it's your own problem.

I use Mafima as my one and only file manager now, and it works pretty good for me ...


(Use the "back" button of your browser to return.)

Main window with the Aqua-theme (38kB):
main window Aqua-theme
Main window with the Blue-theme (21kB):
Main window with the Wood-theme (109kB):
main window Blue-theme main window Wood-theme
Main window with the Red-theme(93kB):
The popup menus (25kB):
main window Red-Theme popup menues
Some dialogs (15kB):
The grep-in-files and the find dialog (21 + 15kB):
main window popup menues popup menues


See the README file.
Read the INSTALL file to see what you need to run mafima.
Read about the LICENSE.
Read the HISTORY file.


  • a computer running UNIX and X11
  • Perl 5.005 or better
  • Perl/Tk 800.015 or better
  • Some Perl/Tk modules (try to find out, if you have everything you need)
Perl script to check if Mafima will run on your system: (only 1658 Bytes).
Just download, and start it on the console or in a xterm (with "perl").


Download mafima now: mafima0329.tgz (143kB)


Mafima can always be found under:
It's possible that Mafima's Homepage will move, but this link will always be valid, so please bookmark it.


Newest news first! :)

12.09.2002 Update: Mafima 0.3.29
new: Added a copy, cut, paste functionality
new: unzip files zipped with bzip2
new: windows like file and grep patterns
code cleanup
31.07.2002 Update: Mafima 0.3.28
new: using external MMagicFile
new: use warings, use Tk::ErrorDialog and use Tk::JPEG (optional)
new: own viewer for JPEG pictures
update: minor changes and bugfixes
13.03.2002 Update: Mafima 0.3.27
changed: default theme and color
changed: no progressbar in Zip/Unzip if just one file
bugfix: replaced && with and
bugfix: Check return code of lstat command -> warning
bugfix: typo
new: Misc-Menu: open xterm with actual path
13.03.2002 Update: Mafima 0.3.26
30.04.2001 Update: Mafima 0.3.19
new: The Escape-key and the q-key close most of the windows
new: more intelligent and faster update mechanism
bugfix: tar handles file names with spaces now
changed: some minor improvements and bugfixes
01.03. - 30.04.2001 Update: Mafima 0.3.12 - 0.3.18
new: Help->History menu entry
new: Key: Ctrl-q quits mafima
new: Mafima Icon: mafimaIcon.gif in .mafima dir
new: OK for all appears only for more than one file
new: Patch from Slaven Rezic for the window manager
new: Show dir size (with du, slow but works)
new: Show gif-images in a popup window if the cursor is above a gif file
new: Some key-bindings for view, copy and delete (see popup-menu)
new: all (at least I hope so) colors are now configurable
new: better key support
new: experimental use of Tk::HistEntry (optional)
new: faster zip/unzip because of less listbox updates
new: file menu command "examine"
new: function in dir listbox: mount device
new: grep in dirs and in files
new: if no dir or file is selected and the right mouse button is pressed, select the nearest item
new: link works for dirs too
new: long file and dir names are now abbreviated (to see the long name simply hold the mouse over the file)
new: menu Size (show file size in Byte, KB or MB)
new: menu help->usage
new: more balloon helps
new: more options (see menu->options->configure)
new: more options to configure in the Options->Configure menu
new: no button Overwrite all, when processing just one file
new: optional modules: File::MMagic, Benchmark, Tk::Animation
new: show a Splash Screen while loading
new: the themes include not only the button pics, but also the colors
new: untar works with zipped archives now
new: viewFilesNew working with MMagic (experimental state)
bugfix: display long filenames above the filename (independend of the mouse cursor)
bugfix: made mafima more bullet proof agains file names with spaces
changed: Mafima Icon for the help windows and better key support (focus on button)
changed: more and better help text in the balloons
changed: some code-cleanup
changed: some minor improvements
changed: the Help->Tips text is now stored in an extra file
changed: the dir menu and the file menu look more equal now
changed: the modules Tk::FontDialog and Tk::ColourChooser are now optional
changed: use the F1 instead of the Tab-key to complete the path
changed: using submenus in the file menu (for RCS and select stuff)
27.02.2001 Update: Mafima 0.3.11 - The carnival edition :)
bugfix: all dialogs will try to get the focus and popup under the mouse
(but sometimes out of the screen)
bugfix: settings will now be saved, even if mafima is closed by the window manager
bugfix: show usage (mafima -h) shows the correct options
new: some words about the tab completion in the Help->Tips menu
new: grep-in-file has a ignore-case button
new: grep-in-file: search in the actual dir if no dirs selected
new: a lot of resources are now set (colours, coursors, scrollbar width)
new: choosing between two button sets is now possible
new: new names for the buttons
+ some little bugfixes
19.05.2000 Update: Mafima 0.3.9
removed splash screen (it was nothing but trouble :)
added use Tk::After
new: dir history list
there is much more text in help->Tips now
removed some unused globals (uops!)
new: menu entry: Save config
new: show dialog when open a file to view fails
little bug fixes
automatic installation may work now :(
06.04.2000 Update: Mafima 0.3.6
new: show owner and group of files/dirs
new: sorting by owner and group
new: modify file owner and group
the . dir is no longer displayed
added my email address in the help about box
16.03. - 06.04.2000 Mafima 0.3.3 - 0.3.5
mafima has now some command line options, try mafima -h to see them
new License menu in the help menu
execute in xterm is now possible
a lot of changes in the find file dialog: Counting on/off,
display found files immediately, display the search time
grep files dialog: display the search time
just one hot list menu now
dir and file details are now seperated
still got problems with viewing a lot of files
fixed copy and move bug with file names including spaces
fonts are selected with the FontDialog
mafima saves the selected fonts now
16.03.2000 Update: Mafima 0.3.2
new: the module is now included in mafima
new: a install-perl-script is included
new: comparing files with diff
new: showing number of selected directorys
new: progressbar while reading dir (if more then 100 dirs/files)
new: progressbar in grepFile
some minor improvements in selMatch, findFile, grepFile
some minor bug fixes
11.03.2000 First update: Mafima 0.3.0
new: copy and move of directorys is now possible, a lot of new features, bug fixes, etc.
09.03.2000 First official release: Mafima 0.2.9 with wood buttons

  Martin Herrmann - 09.12.2002 (22:51 Uhr)